Ayrton Senna 1960 - 1994

BBC Top Gear Ayrton Senna Tribute -

“I think Senna I will put him in number one” Fernando Alonso

“For me Senna is number one” Felipe Massa

“For me he was number one” Rubens Barrrichello

“I will put Ayrton Senna as number one” Jarno Trulli

“For me Ayrton Senna undoubtedly was the number one” David Coulthard

“I will put him number one you know he was definitely the greatest driver” Mika Hakkinen

“If you ask me I put Senna as well in number one” Michael Schumacher

“He had a God given talent that I haven’t witnessed anywhere else. A sixth sense of where the grip was before he turned into a corner” Martin Brundle

“You know I’ll be honest with you. I was never a Senna fan. I always thought Gilles Villeneuve was the greatest racing driver of them all. But to make this film I’ve watched hours and hours and hours of footage and the thing is Villeneuve was spectacular on a number of occasions, Senna was spectacular every single time he got in a car” Jeremy Clarkson

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9U_K76vPGYo&t=269s
Watched Senna and the TG tribute last night. Cars from that era sound fabulously feral.

Thought occurs that even though I've had heroes in music, film, comedy, literature etc, Senna eclipsed them all.

Thanks for flagging this up Rick - the major anniversary had passed me by. I can still recall the accident so clearly even though it's more than half a lifetime away, and that I was sure he was dead from the off.
Love & Rockets had a mournful instrumental called Saudade - no idea what it meant at the time. The word is mentioned in Richard Williams's book The Death of Ayrton Senna, and apparently has no direct English translation, but means something like 'the sense of loss felt when a loved one is no longer there' - or at least it does if memory serves. Good book, btw.
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