AV Receivers - Old v New


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Aug 11, 2007
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...I was having a look around a few HIFI dealers this morning and checking out the latest A/V kit - I mentioned to a salesman I was just about convinced about buying the new Onkyo 875 - he didn't disagree (apparently his shop are about to restock Onkyo Receivers after a few years of not doing so) ....but he pointed to a massive discontinued Denon (can't remember the actual model) on sale at £999 (reduced from £2.600) which led me to consider ......assuming I can live without the latest HD audio frills of the Onkyo ...would the big Denon give me "more bangs for my buck"? ..of course the salesman was of the opinion that the old Denon would "walk all over that particular Onkyo" ..yeah I know ....he would say that!

I guess that many shops may be cutting prices dramatically on older large high powered A/V Receivers (the new Onkyo range seems to have rattled a lot of cages in A/V retail!) I have to admit I would be tempted by a heavily discounted big "old" Denon/Yamaha ...I just wondered what anyone else thought?

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Makes you wonder why he's not hoarding those discontinued Denons instead of restocking Onkyo, doesn't it?

And good to see a retailer getting behind a brand because they believe in it, not thanks to a whole stack of rave reviews.


I'd buy the Onkyo - using one at home at the mo, and it really is that good!


I've noted elsewhere I picked up my Denon AVR4306 for A$2850 - down from a supposed retail price in Aus of $4,000 about two months back now. I figured it was because new players were coming but this one is all I need for now and more than likely the future. If it turns out a future player is way better I'll trade up. The salesman sis tell me that Denon have dropped their prices across the board recently in Australia at least so perhaps there's other factors at work.