Audiolab 8200CDQ/Sennheiser HD600 Questions


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Aug 10, 2019
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I've lost touch with the hi-fi world over the years so would be grateful for any advice/comments on some of my upgrade ideas.

Having almost entirely given up on loudspeakers, most of my current listening takes place using a Cambridge Audio azur 640C CD player, a Marantz PM7200 amplifier, Pro-Ject Head Box II headphone amplifier, and Sennheiser HD600 headphones.

I am looking to change the CD player and am considering the Audiolab 8200CDQ, which would remove the necessity of using a separate headphone amplifier.

I haven't got to the stage of auditioning the Audiolab/Sennheiser combination, but do wonder if I'd need to buy another set of 'phones in order to get the most of the Audiolab. If so, which models should I consider?

I also wonder if it might not be better for me to consider going for the 8200CD and buying a separate headphone amplifier. (If this were clearly the better option, I wouldn't mind going beyond the total cost of £1000 for the CD player/headphone amplifier, but not by much.)

Many thanks, in advance, for your help.


Hi Richard,

I own an Audiolab 82000CD and I use it with a Lehmann Black Cube headphone amp. The Audiolab is a great CD player and has a USB input; however, if you the USB input is not something you need then perhaps consider a Cyrus 6se CD player (£950 just a year or so ago and winning whathifi "best cd player" awards but now being discontinued and available for nearer £500 compared to the list price of £799 now for the Audiolab. This would leave you £400 for a headphone amp and £100 for a lead between the CD and amp.

Regarding headhones just checking you are aware of this fabulous headphone site:

I've given you the link to the headphone recommendations page which includes words on your HD600.


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