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Arcam A19

Dean Morris

New member
Sep 12, 2010

I was wondering what your thoughts are for this upgrade path would be to see if its worth the extra cash.

i have a arcam av250 av amp, arcam dv79 and MA rs6 speakers.

I listen to music mainly snd watch the odd DVD Hirt going through the front speakers. I have no intention of going the 5.1 route.

so dedicated stereo system.

Would replacing the av250 with the arcam a19 be a big jump in sound quality?

I can upgrade into power amp, arcam cd17 after... Again would I see differences?


New member
Jan 18, 2008
Can't tell you but I'd approach this with some degree of caution contrary to the usual 'stereo amplifiers are better than AV receivers'.

This may well be the case in some circumstances but personal preferences come into it too. To give you an example, I have a number of amplifiers, including a well regarded Denon Stereo Amplifier which is nearly £1000 new, an older 2ch Denon UK tuned and an older Sony AV receiver. Whilst the Stereo amplifiers both have their virtues and strengths, I actually use the Sony at the present.

It is more musical, less hifi and there is a flow to to music the other two dont quite have.

Like I said, your preferences will largely determine the outcome and it is, as usual, somewhat system dependant but dont blindly assume a dedicated 2ch amplifier will always give better results.


plastic penguin

Well-known member
Apr 28, 2008
I agree with Mrs. Doubtfire, there is a fine line between the so-called dedicated stereo amp camp who suggest it'll out perform a receiver. You're need to compare the two and decide for yourself which one has the upper hand. I've compared my old Arcam A65+ against the bro-in-laws £300 Sony receiver, and two-channel was better, but the Arcam was a £400 machine and the difference wasn't huge.

Ben K.

New member
Nov 6, 2010
Many people are very happy with their av receivers sound in stereo and as always it's a personal preference. My experience with my own kit, I actually prefer my old arcam a75 to my Yamaha rxv2065 for stereo duties and my a38 is in a league of its own. Maybe I just like the arcam "sound" I'm not sure as I have not compared other integrateds to my receiver.

Give it a lengthy demo and make sure you take your avr along for comparison. If there is no improvement or very little then save yourself a chunk of money. The best way is always to trust your own ears as we all seem to hear things differently.