amp to run my kef reference 2.2 4ohm speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
hi to all

i have got a pair of kef reference 2.2 speakers and need a amp to power them

i have got a

audiolab 8000q pre tag uk model power amp

marantz cd63se k sig

linn ds majik

i have short listed

krell kav-300i

roksan kandy k2

roksan kandy caspian m2

i like old school dance music and love a bit of bass but it as to be controled

and i know this speakers sound good when put with the right amp so any ideas any body as to any of the abouve amps or any other that you use

would be great

and would it be better to go for a older krell power amp and use my audiolab 8000q and the linn ds built in pre amp till i can spend some money on a good krell pre amp

my buget is about £1000

thank you all in advance

Hi Stuart

I used to sell the original 8000Q and it is still a good pre amp. If you can find them within your budget then a Krell KSA-50 (90's model) or Rotel's Michi RHB-10 power amplfiers should work well with your electronics and Model 2.2 speakers :)

All the best

Rick @ Musicraft


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