Advice/views on a amplifier, please.

As you know I have a ist gen Leema Pulse. Over the last few weeks it's been playing up. The right hand channel has been cutting out intermittently. I've been through all the usual cursory checks, such as checking cables etc etc. It only seems to happen on Freeview radio, which is connected from a Sky Box. I emailed Leema but had no response back.

Due to current budget limitations, I'm thinking of a Arcam FMJ A39. I know that amp is well regarded on forums, but don't expect a improvement over the Leema - as sideways step will suffice for the timebeing. I've only heard one once in a dealers with speakers I'm not familiar with.

The question is really, what are the sonic strengths and weaknesses of the A39?

Any help and advice will be appreciated.

Cheers, PP.


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