Advice on Roksan Xerxes please

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Jun 13, 2023
I am in a bit of a panic.

I do suffer anxiety.

I own a Well-Tempered Simplex 2 turntable. My brother owns a Mitchell Engineering Gyrodec and knows of an original Roksan Xerces, used turntable for sale, which he says will blow both our decks out of the water.

He says he would buy it, but his wife would kill him, due to lack of space. He has told me I would be daft to pass on the purchase. I have been thinking of buyomng the Well Tempered Amadeus 2.

Does anybody know of the original Xerces?

Brother says when it came out it cost over £3k and is still a mind blowing deck today.

Advice please?
I don't think you should worry about what your brother said or bought. I know what anxiety's like, I have it too badly most of the time.
The thing with eBay, is you can see something like a really high quality Hi-Fi separate at a great price. And it makes you think you've got to get it while it's there so you don't miss your chance.
But, you've got an excellent deck already and you could spend the money you didn't spend on that deck to upgrade or service your own deck. And the other thing is, that good Hi-Fi gear is always going to keep coming up on eBay, so you'll never really miss out. If you really are after a better deck, you'll probably see something coming up on eBay that's even better than what your brother got, for a better price. My advice is, don't worry.


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Mar 23, 2021
don´t worry be resourcefull ,my better half always complaining about the time i spend at night in my computer ,that´s why i only coment when at my job ,also because instead of finding a work i found a job


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Sep 17, 2005
If your brother now has the Xerxes, then you'll be able to follow his progress in its renovation, and comment appropriately.
Personally I would say that an Amadeus would sound better than the Xerxes, as good as they were, just my opinion not having heard either
Good luck, and don't fall out.


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