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Jan 3, 2021
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Greeting everyone, thank you for having me.

This may end up a long thread but I'll keep it as short as possible.
I recently inherited my fathers Hi-Fi system and have a few questions please.

I've always been in to audio and done my fair share of dabbling, including letting the smoke out of components with my soldering iron when mobile disco amps fall apart on rough roads but I've never owned anything I would consider in audiophile territory.

This is what I now have to collect from Cape Town.

Yamaha RX-A830 Receiver
B&W DM603 S3 Fronts
B&W LCR60 S3 Centre
B&W CWM Rears / Surrounds (The smaller ones, picture attached)
B&W ASW 600 Sub
Roksan Radius 5 Turntable.

I live in Zimbabwe and I have to ship all this stuff up from where it is currently in Cape Town. Roughly 2000 miles away.
There is nowhere in Zimbabwe to buy this type of "High End" audio so whatever I need, I need to buy while I am in Cape Town packing the equipment.

I know the receiver is 7.1 capable but I'm not sure what extra speakers or other components are required to make the system fully 7.1
The receiver is already so feature rich I really don't need anything with more features and from what I remember it sounds awesome with the speaker combination.
I really like the sound and look of B&W stuff and none of it is very old so no need to change any of that.

I would like to look at taking the system to 7.1 and possibly augmenting what's already there.
Would probably be prepared to spend up to USD4k on extra bits? This is where I need the help please.
Remember, I can't buy this stuff locally so I need to try and get everything right first time while I am down there packing everything up.

My immediate thoughts are:
Spare belts for the rocsan.
Spare or upgraded cartridge / stylus for the rocsan.
One of the 603's has a damaged tweeter. (Mum smacked it with the hoover handle, Dad was not well pleased) Does anyone know where I could find either new or good second hand tweeter for DM603-S3? The tweeter has been repaired but looks sad and I like the look of the speakers with the covers off. (Pic attached)
I will need to measure my lounge and the cable runs and buy new new speaker cables.
Is there any point in buying another pair of fronts to augment what is already there?
What do I need to buy in order to upgrade to 7.1?
My house if off grid so all power is supplied by inverter therefore pretty clean but there must be inevitable electrical noise. Any suggestions on power cleaning / filters to this size system?
Is there a specific way I should transport the speakers? I don't remember them having any locks or similar?
There is no lack of bass, the system sounds really great, so I don't think I need to spend money on a sub? The one that's there is already great.

So please help :) That's what has fallen in my lap and while I'm at it I might as wellspend a bit of money making a good system even better. I'm just not sure where the money would be best spent.
There is also a DVD / CD player but I'm not sure what it is, probably in the same league as the rest of the kit?
Most of my audio and video are digitised or vinyl so I'm not that excited about DVD players.

I would like to focus on the audio rather than the TV please. TV's are relatively easy (although not cheap) things to spec later. I already have a Samsung UA65RU7100 TV which I am pretty happy with.

I'm really only just getting back in to real quality hifi and all help and advice greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance



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