Advice on upgrading my CA system


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi everyone, first post and all...

Recently bought a CA setup comprising of:

CA Azur 350A amp

CA Topaz CD5

Tannoy V1 book shelf speakers

and what I can only presume to be some cheapish cables as Richer threw them in for free...

Very happy with the sound, but, as it's my first ever purchase of this nature i'm sure it could be a lot better.

Was reading up and considering upgrading this with a DACMagic, however upon further reading I won't be able to connect my CD5 to it (no digital out).

My options as I see them are:

1) Buy a CD10 (mostly the same as the '5 but with digi out i assume) and a DACMagic

2) Buy an Azur 350C to "match" my amp and a DACMagic - any advantages of matching the CD player to my amp?

3) Buy an Azur 650C and no DACMagic?

Now, as I only really listen to CD's, would option 3 be my best bet even though my amp is only the "350A" or would I be better off buying the CD10 plus the DAC so that I do have the option of connecting my Laptop and other media in the future if needs be?

Hope I haven't drivelled on for too long. Any suggestions / advice to an audio newbie welcome!


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May 7, 2010
I think the CA 350 would go well with the 350A amplifier. If you have the cash go for 650 cd player. This would allow for future upgrades to the amp and speakers in time.

I wouldn't bother with the Dac magic (even in combination to using the 350). I remember a while ago someone posted saying they had compared the 340C (which is what I have) to the Dacmagic and the sound was either not as good or similar.
I think the Dacmagic and similar Dacs come into their own when using other digital sources (such as laptop) but I wouldn't buy one if your going to predominately use a CD.

I shouldn't think the upgrade to CD10 from what you have already will be that noticeable if at all.

There are other CD players to consider such as Marantz CD6003 or NAD 545BEE and Rega Apollo.


Thanks for the reply. That might be the way forward then. I notice the 650C uses the same dual wolfsen dac setup as the dacmagic anyway, so resulting sound is probably much the same from that aspect! Keen to stay with the CA hardware as I like how it looks and want it to look uniform :) Excuse grammar, replying on my mobile.



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