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May 3, 2020
Arcam CD73T, Arcam A80 amp, Tannoy Revolution R1.

I have recently come across a pair of Eltax monitor iii's and a Marantz PM66 SE signature amp - are these any better?
I also have an Arcam Delta 290 amp and Arcam Alpha 6 CD that need some repairs - are these worth it? Could I use the 290 amp as a power amp and biwire (would avoid repair costs).
Finally, I use an Audioquest Dragonfly Red DAC to connect my PC to the system for FLAC files - should I upgrade this?

Any other advice gratefully received.
I would second the Marantz only if it is in good working order. I too had one but it's getting a bit long in the tooth these days.
Depending on what is the issue with your Arcams I would say repairs are more likely to cost more than its worth although you could try repairing the CD player if you need it as a source.
The AudioQuest Dragonfly is fine and it would depend on your budget as to whether it is worth upgrading or not.
Your weak link, I feel, are those Eltax speakers and I would look at something that's a better all rounder.
What is the point of your first line?
Do you have these or are they alternatives you are considering?
P.S.: whatever you end up getting forget attempting to complicate matters by biamping, it's only worthwhile if done properly.


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