New to Forum: advice on integrating Dirac Live in separates setup


Jul 21, 2023
Hello everyone, I am new to the forum. Thanks in advance for the advice below. I've read many of the threads on this topic, but wanted to ask a few questions about my specific set up.

I have my system in a 16x20' living room. It's not an ideal space, with some furniture between the speakers and the listening position, sub-optimal speaker placement from the wall etc. I don't have the ability to use floorstanders right now. Here is the system:

source: Sony WM1Z DAP
DAC/pre-amp: Sony TA-ZH1es
power amp: Sansui BA-300
speakers: Kef LS50 Meta

source: Sony WM1Z DAP
USB to S/PDIF converter: Topping D10
Room Correction: miniDSP DDRC-22D (applies correction before the pre-amp and is digital to digital)
DAC/pre-amp, power, speakers remain the same

My goal is to incorporate Dirac Live as room correction without eliminating the sound signature that my Sony TA-Zh1es introduces into the system. My understanding is that the DDRC-22D before the DAC/pre-amp would accomplish this, since it's digital in to digital out and the signal between the pre-amp and power amp is not tampered with. I am concerned about the amount of connections in the chain now: DAP-> converter -> Dirac -> DAC/Pre-amp , but since it's a digital signal path I'm unsure if it matters?

If someone can advise on the points above, I'd appreciate it.


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