A Subwoofer to intagrate with Tannoy Signature Revolution ?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi Currently run a Tannoy TS12 with My Tannoy Signature revolution floorstander (DC6T) And Signature rvolution centre and rears. Im not sure if this sub intagrates into the system very well - it seems very 'boomy' and takes all the delicate frequencies from the rest of my system.

Im not sure if this is beacuse the Tannoys have 6" drivers and the sub is 12" - a huge leap! I wnet for the larger sub as it was important I reach the ultra low frequencies Sub 25Hz...

I dont know if the solution would be to buy a new sub which will perform more seemlessly ? Or if there is such thing as a Sub Woofer Graphic eq ? With perhaps 15 bands from 20Hz up to 80Hz ??

I dare say it could possibly be more down to my room that the speaker...I have tried to use Auddessey room eq which does reduce the Dull boomy effect the sub gives, But I hate what it does to the rest of the system. Why anything would think the Tannoys need 16Hz to the max I do not know. I just dont want to fork out £600 for a new sub to find it was my room all along!


First of all, I'd say, try a lot of different positions, even ones that aren't practical, just to see if it is something to do with room interaction.

There are all kinds of treatments you can do, such as special pads that go under the sub, to tighten up the bass.

If all that fails, I'd recommend something from the Velodyne range. They are great, and there are always loads on the second hand market / ebay.


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