Question Options for Atom/Atmos/height Speakers for surface ceiling mount


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Jun 27, 2015
Hi all,

But more importantly...

I'm in the process of building my cinema room (out of a living room) and always had a plan to mount in-ceiling speakers for Atmos. However, now as I'm planning to sound insulate that ceiling from the kids bedroom above, I realised I shouldn't really do this as I will significantly break the sound insulation work I'm about to do.

So, I now think I should instead to use some on-ceiling speakers (on a small bracket or something fairly small.) so I just need to pull a small cable and not cut a massive hole in my plasterboards. What would be your suggestions to use for it so it plays along with the rest of my speakers and is suitable for Atoms (as I know not every speaker should be used for that - not really directional at least).

My set up will be:
Tannoy Revolution Signature DC6T + DC6 LRC + DC4 at the back + Velodyne - CHT12Q sub.

Thank you very much in advance for any help and guidance.

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Sep 27, 2022
For on-ceiling speakers that can be surface mounted and still suitable for Atmos/height use, consider speakers that are designed for this purpose and can be mounted on a small bracket or other small surface mount. Some options include the Klipsch RP-500SA, the Definitive Technology Demand D9, and the Polk Audio Signature S60. These speakers are specifically designed for Atmos/height use and have a small footprint for surface mounting. It's important to match the speakers with your Tannoy Revolution Signature DC6T + DC6 LRC + DC4 at the back + Velodyne - CHT12Q sub to ensure they play well together and create a cohesive sound experience.


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