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Aug 10, 2019
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I am on the verge of buying a Pioneer VSX-921-K, firstly, are there any reviews that I can read?

Secondly, being a 7.1 receiver and bearing in mind I have a speaker set up, which I'm going to keep the same. Do I need to do anything to make the sound into 5.1 or can I just set it up as normal and the audio will automatically be changed to 5.1 rather than 7.1?

Lastly, about pass-through. Of course, I am looking to feed my amp with everything and then connect to TV - but how does it work between inputs on the amp and on the TV? Will everything be on the same input channel on the TV (eg input 3)? Also, if I'm watching TV and I want to watch say a blu ray will I need to turn the amp on or can it be done with it being on stand-by?

All help is appreciated, I am a little stuck on this.

Thank you.


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Nov 15, 2008
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You won't have to set anything. It will be set for 5.1 by default once it runs through the setup and detects that no additional rear speakers are connected.

Yes, the TV will continue to use the same HDMI input. If it didn't you wouldn't get any picture. Usually receivers remember the last input selected and passthrough the picture to the TV. You will need to check the online manual or speak to Pioneer, your dealer or a fellow owner to find out how the receiver handles HDMI passthrough if supported.

However, why would you buy a receiver then not use it for movies? The only time I use the TV speakers is for watching Freeview/Freesat or occasionally sky. To this end, my Logitech Harmony One remote sends out a command at the end of each activity to put the receiver on Sky input before going into standby. This way, I can use my "Watch Sky - TV only" activity and it will passthrough the receiver. I don't use it often to be honest, as in the end, why pay £thousands for a receiver and speakers, then use the crappy TV speakers? :~


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