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Aug 10, 2019
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Help / advice greatly appreciated!

I have come to own a pair of Mission E80 speakers (which I think are designed as 'satellite' speakers for a surround sound set-up) and would like to use them as part of a 2.1 channel hi-fi system along with a Cyrus CD6 / Cyrus 8 amplifier (until I have a bigger listening room). Although I do not yet have a subwoofer, I've connected the above kit and it sounds pretty good, although clearly would benefit from more bass. However, I've been reading the manual supplied with the speakers and it states that they are not suitable for use in a hi-fi system without bass management. I sumise that this is because the frequency response of the speakers (80Hz - 30KHz) is narrower than the frequencies supplied by the amplifier.

My questions are:-

(1) Are the speakers at risk of being damaged in this set-up?

(2) Is the sound produced likely to be sub-optimal due to distortion caused by frequencies below 80Hz? In any case what happens to waves below this frequency when they reach the speakers' crossovers?
(I note that Linn Classik Unik speakers have the same frequency response (80Hz - 30KHz) and are advocated for use as full-range hi-fi speakers).

(3) Would connecting a subwoofer in parallel have any effect on the range of frequencies reaching the E80 speakers?

Thank-you! Hope this is not too confusing.


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Jan 10, 2008
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Wellllllllll, from what I can gather, they seem to be sold as stereo and/or 5.1 capable. I'm guessing that Mission are probably including that statement, as they won't have the bass extention to give a full sound without a sub, and they don't want purchasers to think that Mission speakers are bass-light.

But in this case, it might be worth asking the guys themselves to ensure you aren't likely to damage them - give them a bell on 0845 4581122.


Thanks...gave them a call at Mission and they gave the same explanation as yours, adding that no damage would be caused to the speakers. Maybe I'll consider a subwoofer now!


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