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May 3, 2010
Kate Rusby "The frost is all over"

Just heard her perform this live on Radio 2... superb!



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Nov 24, 2013
MrReaper182 said:
NMANo1 said:
Killing Joke 'I am the Virus' from their latest classic album Pylon.

Geordie Walker. Probably the most unrecognised icon of British rock guitarists. More respected abroad than at home. See Metallica, Foo Fighters ( Dave Grohl did all the drums on 'Killing Joke' 2003.)


Killing Joke are amazing. They created Industrial metal with their fist album. They were way ahead of their time. The Wait is one of my all time favourite songs. Its a shame that most people remember them for the more mellow stuff they did in the mid 80's but they are a at their best when they are playing industrial metal. Seeing red with Dave Grohl on drums is an another great industrial metal tune by them.

Amazing 1st album - the next 2 weren't bad either. The guitar on 'Change' is still ahead of anyone currently playing IMO. Saw them live in the very early 80's and they were awesome and later in the early 90's and they were even more intense. Check out 'Total Invasion' of their later output - heaviest guitar riff in history?...and the vocals, the vocals.