Question Yamaha TSR-700 or Denon AVR-760H/AVR-660H


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Mar 2, 2022
Hello folks,

I have 77" OLED TV just got it couple months ago and want to upgrade my receiver.

I have only the front speakers and a subwoofer. Yamaha tower and center speakers.

I do primarily movie/documentary watching on my TV.

It seems AVR-660H is plenty for me with 5.2 and 75W per channel. Refurbished sells for 399$.

On the other hand Costco sells Yamaha TSR-700 for 439$ which is 100w per channel.

I like the denon because it is slimmer and traditional display/front. Yamaha is pretty hefty sized with a jumbo center volume control which looks kinda odd to me.

For sound quality and features I can ignore the look.

Please let me know which you think would be a better choice for me.

AVR660H/760H or YAMAHA TSR-700?

Thank you very much.


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