Yamaha Rx797 from mission m64is to Klipsh F20s to BW683s


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Aug 10, 2019
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Despite the title I am just beginning to appreciate Hi-Fi. We got rid of our TV so Hi Fi has had a much greater focus.

I had a set of Mission M64is and recently bought a Yamaha RX 797 amp to run them on. I really loved the sound out of these speakers (despite them lacking in the bass department) and the music from them at times (played with 3/4 volume) seemed to just fill the entire room almost to the point where you couldn't tell where the sound was coming from. It was quite trippy and surreal.

Unfortunately being the novice I am I had them biwired but left the bridge on. One of the m64s no longer gos.

I then bought some Klipsh F20s after they sounded great in the shop but took them back as they were too bright and got very tiring to listen too. They had me wanting to turn them down.

I now have a set of B&W 683s on Demo for two weeks (the shop demo speakers) So far they sound awesome really clear, a good balance in all the ranges, heaps of detail. I miss my missions though as I have always been a fan of the warm sound the missions seem to have. The father Inlaw has B&W (can't recall the model) but I always found them too clinical sounding. So I am nervous about the 683s although I have listened to them a lot both loud and ambient and I never ever got tired of listening to them.

On paper they are many steps up from my missions but I can't seem to get the sound to fill the room in quite the same way.

Am I just being pedantic? Don't get me wrong The BWs are awesome and I will probably stick ith them but is there anything else I should look at.



I have RX797 as secondary system, and I've experimented quite a lot with different cables (both speakers and mains). They do change in a good amount the sound of the system

So try to borrow some cables from some friends until you find a brand that suits your ears. You'll find significant improvements over factory power cable.



I have just changed from some old monster cable and a smaller cable to soprano biwire with banana plugs. The thing is I can't really fault the BWs everything sounds fanastic but then I only have the missions and the klipsh as a comparison and I miss the ambient all around sound from the missions even if they lacked anything in the Bass dept. It could be the room setup possibly - Room is 6x7m and I had the system set up with speakers facing down 7m stretch - have now moved system 90 degrees and it faces accross 6m stretch There is an open door to the dining room and large 1.5 by 1.5 open space in the wall to the kitchen. The speakers now face these two things on the opposite wall. before the opposite wall was solid. Could it make that much difference?

If you have the 797 as a seconary system what are you using for you primary and what is the difference you find between them. The biggest barrier I have in upgrading is convincing the other half that there is enough benefit i doing so.


I currently have NAD C326BEE as main amplifier, with Tannoy Mercury V4 speakers

Differences? Smoother sound, more expansive soundstage and more detailed presentation. Yamaha is great, it can rocks and it has nice bass response, but as a separate amplifier NAD is better. Don't get me wrong, I haven't found a better RECEIVER around (compared directly with Denon, Onkyo, etc)

As I suggested before: try different cables, specially speakers and mains. Also you can change the factory preamp jumpers ;)

the record spot

Personally, the only jumpers I want to change is tare the ones I wear, but that's just me. :doh:


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