Yamaha AS2200 vs Naim Nait XS3


Oct 31, 2021
Hi everyone :D,
I am an italian violin player felt in love with the HiFi wolrd.
After changed many times components of my chain finally I am very happy of this elements:
loudpeakers: Opera Quinta SE
cd player: Audia Flight FL3S
turntable: Pro-ject X1
cables: Ricable Magnus
and what about amplifier?
Well, I recently sold Audia Flight FL3S; it has a pleasant good sound but very less dynamics for my ears :cry:.
After a lot of listening session I focused my mind on Yamaha AS2200 and Naim XS3.
Unfortunately there's no way to listen them in the same shop.
I like the beautiful sound of Yamaha and its skill to reveal every detail from low to high frequencies.
Naim seems to have a little forward sound but sometimes low frequencies are dirtier than Yamaha and some instruments, like grand piano or the snare drum, seems to play too metallic; working in a big theatre I know very well how those instruments are able to play.
Moreover I know Naims amplifiers, produce some noises even without any sources connected; it should be very annoying :disappointed:
Thanks in advance for each advice you will want to give me.
Greetings from Italy :)


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Apr 30, 2012
I'm a Naim guy, but if you heard both and prefer the Yamaha, then get that.

Just curious, though, what was the source, speakers and speaker cable used with Naim? Also with Yamaha?


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