Worth upgrading to LXD70?


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Aug 10, 2019
I recently bought a panasonic 26lmd70 tv basically because the panasonic range seamed to get the best reviews and, when i saw them in the shops they made standard deffinition tv look excellent. I was not able to notice any motion handling difference between the lmd and the 100hz lxd when I viewed them for a long time in a few hifi shops, so I found a good deal on an LMD70 and saved myself some cash.

However, when I got the TV home and set it up in my bedroom I almost imediately noticed how limited the viewing angle seemed to be when standing near to the tv. particularly from above, the colours fade. since then I can even notice subtle changes on black screans even sitting straight in front of it if I move my head from side to side.

The TV is positioned at eye level from my main seated viewing position, however since this is in a bedroom and space is limited, I am often walking around the room close to the tv, and so the viewing angle thing is really starting to bother me.

Also I find in a darkened room that the blacks are not as good as I have seen on the sony t3000 and samsung R87 /R88 (which also dont seam to suffer from the same viewing angle problem either). The thing is other than these 2 problems, the panasonic pictures (when seated straight in front of it) are by far the best I have seen on any lcd, it makes standard def DVD over component (not upscaled) look almost like HD.

I told the Hifi shop i bought it from that I wasn't completely happy with it and they said I still have a few days to take it back, for either a refund, or I can pay them the extra £100 to get the 26Lxd70 which they tell me has better vertical viewing anges (178 horizontal and vertical as opposed to only 178 horizontal on the lmd).

When I have viewed the LMD and LXD side by side since then, it is always in brightly lit shops which also tend to have brighter demo material instead of the typically darker DVDs and games that I use the TV for which makes the problem much less obvious and a comparrison difficult, so I am finding it difficult to accurately determine if upgrading to the LXD70 will sort out the issues.

Does anyone have any oppinions on how much better the LXD70 or sony t3000 are compared to the LMD70 in these respects, and if its worth paying the £100, or am I better taking it back and waiting for the 2008 models?

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated


Please could someone advise me on this as I have to make my mind up very soon, and I just don't know if the LXD70 will solve my viewing angle problems. Also is £599 with 5year warranty a good deal on the 26LXD70?



I bought an LMD70 for £413.00

I honestly couldn't see the 'difference' between the LMD and the lXD, especially when there was over £180 in it aswell!!!

It depends what you are doing with the TV (DVD, gaming or just simply TV)

Mine is hooked up to a Pioneer DVR 550 HXS, and both freeview and DVD (via HDMI upscaled to 1080p) look fantastic!!


Hi, thanks for reply. I watch mostly SD at the moment, Cable, Playstation 2 and DVD, and the picture is excellent, I will be buying a PS3 shortly for bluray and HD games. I can't tell much difference in terms of sharpness and motion handling between the lxd and the lmd, but the viewing angle is a bit annoing and I was just wondering if the LXD would be a significant improvement in that respect. If it is then I would be happy to spend the extra cash to upgrade. I jhave to make my descission pretty soon though.