Wireless solution for IPAD help please


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have finally taken the plunge and bought an IPAD 2.
Having spent several days tidying up my MP3 collection and importing it all into itunes (on my PC) and then onto my IPAD I would like to be able to stream my tunes wirelessly to my main hifi system.
I guess the obvious choice is to go for the Airport Express since it requires no dongle on the IPAD end, transmits lossless audio and has both analog and digital outs (and I can use the printer which is next to the hifi wirelessly which is handy).
HOWEVER i also have a large screen TV in the same room as the HIFI and the sound quality of the internal speakers is terrible so want to also transmit the sound from this to my HIFI as the speakers are on either side of the TV.
The HIFI is decent quality (all Marantz 7000 series and Monitor RS6 speakers). I don't have any other MAC devices (other than an Iphone)
So to get to the questions.
1) Is there such a thing as an Airplay transmitter that I could plug into the audio out of the TV and use an all Airply solution?
2) I have seen the QED Uplay receiver which uses APT-X Blutooth is the quality as good as Apple lossless over Airplay?
3) If I go with the APT-X solution I can get an APT-x dongle for both the IPAD and the TV any recommendations?
4) Can the IPAD stream APT-X without a dongle if so is this simply a setting or a download?

Any help really appreciated :roll:

John Duncan

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You may havedifficulty coming up with a wireless solution (I suspect a cable from the headphone socket will be your best bet), but can you tell us what TV and TV source (eg Sky) you've got, just in case?


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Oct 8, 2010
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Why not go for a newish a/v receiver with built-in Airplay? Then you could play the tv audio through your speakers, and wireless play your ipad through the a/v receiver. Pre-out the the speakers from the a/v amp of course.


Thanks folks.
Quick reply to your replies!
The TV has a headphone socket and pre outs from which I would look to send the audio wirelessly. Cabled is not an option as the TV is at one end of a glass orangery and the hifi at the other although the speakers are adjacent to the TV as I had the forethought to put these cables in when built! I know I can use the QED solution with Sennheiser APT-X dongles on the TV and the IPAD but my question was/is:
If I want an all Airplay solution is their any device that I can plug into the TV AUDIO OUT to send the sound via Airplay to an Airport Express (a dongle or can the Apple TV work backwards using HDMI?)OR
If I go with the APT-x solution is the quality as good as Airplay and is there any way can I send audio out using bluetooth APT-x without a dongle from the IPAD as opposed to A2DP or Airplay which I know it can do?


Good idea but I still have to get the TV signal wireless to the AV reciver in the first place.


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