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Question Will a Roksan Power amp be a worthwhile addition?


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Jan 6, 2016
Hi guys,

I'm wondering whether the addition of a Roksan Caspian m2 power amp will yield enough of an improvement in sound quality to justify the outlay.

I have the Caspian m2 CD and integrated amp driving a pair of Proac Response D18. I do already love the sound as it is but I'm wondering if splitting the amplification will open up the soundstage even more. The addition of the power amp would afford me the opportunity to bi-wire the speakers (with matching speaker cable), something I have never been able to do in previous systems.

They are in a 5m x 4m room facing breadth wise, if that helps anyone to understand environment a bit more.

Does anyone have experience of the benefits of (or lack thereof) adding a Caspian m2 power amp to the m2 integrated?

Thanks in advance for any advice, it is much appreciated.


Al ears

It would be an option but economically does not make sense unless you can get it at a really good price.
As they both offer 85 wpc I would say it's pointless
if you sold the integrated and bought the M1 Preamp to go with the power amp then you might gain a benefit


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Jan 6, 2016
Thanks for the reply, Al ears.

Fair point about the price. Realistically, I'm looking at £1500 new or £900 pre-owned. I would also need to factor in around £100-140 (used or new cost) for additional speaker cable to bi-wire.

I'm definitely keeping the integrated amp, as I only recently bought it new to upgrade from a Primare i22 and I'm blown away with the improvement. My main goal is not for improvements at high volumes, rather improvements in the expansiveness of the soundstage and overall detail.

Having never bi-wired before, I'm not sure if the change will yield the benefits I'm hoping for. (or even if the speakers are sufficient to rise to that challenge. My feeling is that they probably are.)

I hope that helps to explain my goal in a bit more detail, I should have made that clearer in my original post.

Many thanks,


I have read quite a few posts on other forums saying that they found passive bi-amping with the m2 integrated and power amps to be a waste of time. Any opinions agreeing with or disagreeing with this, I would be delighted to hear. Thanks.

12th Monkey

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Aug 31, 2015
I did this with some Arcam gear a few years ago, and I'd suggest trying in two configurations:

1) Bi-amp, with integrated driving one set of speaker terminals and the power the others. This should give more control over the drive units as the bass is being subcontracted to another amp.

2) If the Integrated has pre-out terminal, use those and don't connect it directly to the speakers, and use the power for that job alone. It won't give you any more 'control' over the drive units (unless the power amp is of a higher spec than the power section in the integrated), but should prevent any interaction between the pre and power sections, so you'd expect maybe a little more delicacy and detail.

I ended up with an integrated as pre- and two power amps, but have become a fan of the dedicated pre-/power route, personally - but it seems there are few absolutes in hifi.

Be interesting to see how you get on...