Wifi Blue Ray or Home Cinema (on a budget?)


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi there,

I currently have a somewhat aging home cinema setup. I dont recall the specific models but have a Samsung 32 inch LCD, Yamaha Receiver, DVD player and speaker package. I also have a NAS with tons of MP3s that my Xbox 360 does not adequately deal with IMO. Receiver has no HDMI. I run Xbox, Virgin and DVD via HDMI splitter. Only DVD gets surround via optical input

The Yammy DVD player has given up the ghost so I need to replace with a Blu-Ray.

I would really like the NAS (Synology DS 111+) to get properly incorporated into the home cinema sound set up.

Do I jump into a decent Blu Ray or consider making a new amp (or all-in-one) the main focus of incorporating the NAS into? It is vital to connect by Wifi and NOT ethernet, too many wires across /around my living room floor.

I read some Blue Rays can have wifi, and DLNA certified, but also some brands (Samsung) are best suited to their "own" branded products for sharing. What can I be assured works with DLNA kit across the board? Also considering the amount of MP3s I have, I need something that can navigate easily my remote (I do not own apple products so none of that please - I have WM7 phone if anyone recommends useful apps).

Or best to get standard Blu Ray player and look to improve the amp?

TV has only 1 HDMI input. The amp has no HDMI throughput, so I get audio from the defunct DVD player by optic input (watching TV remains stereo).So any amp would need full DLNA compliant and have mutiple HDMI throughput.

Does the TV need HDMI audio return to make use of an amp also with the feature? if so I imagine the TV is yet another item due an upgrade.



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Sep 10, 2009
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m_sinclair9981 said:
I dont recall the specific models but have a Samsung 32 inch LCD, Yamaha Receiver, DVD player and speaker package.

Surely if you just look at the fronts and/or the backs of the various items you'll be able to see the actual model numbers, no?

You're also about the fourth new person on these forums in the last fortnight with plans to upgrade - but without telling us how much money you have to spend!

(You'll now be hit with an avalanche of advice!)


Apologies for missing the financial specifics. An audiophile with a (tight) budget - cheaper the better, without sacrificing too much.


Samsung TV - over 5 years old. 32' equivalent model of the one used in UK Xbox demo stations (if that helps?!) guessing LE32R52BD or similar.

Yamaha DVD-S520, Yamaha HTR-5640, Yammy NSP speaker package (101?)

Xbox 360, Virgin Tivo,

HDMI splitter for DVD, Xbox and Virgin into TV. Surround audio only for the DVD to the amp.

Lets say £200 for Blue Ray and/or £5-600 all in if I need new receiver also - or an all-in-one. I appreciate that is a tall order.

I am very happy with with Yammy speakers and as I'm in a one bed flat, I dont need overkill, nor would my neighbours thank me for it.

Future-proofing may be too much (4x over HDMI), but I'd need HDMI inputs on the wifi amp to take the Virgin an Xbox. I see a lot of the one box solutions have no HDMI inputs. A new TV will only come later - likely to be Samsung as Im very happy with how my current one has done.

Again - set up must be fully DLNA compliant. I fear the Samsung and even LG units are propriotory only? The NAS being the DLNA server, all music is filed by artist/album/track, so easy navigation from the amp/Blu Ray is on the wish list too.

Finally I presume keeping to same brand units does have benefits (beyond the shared remote features, I guess audio/signals can be better?). My current Yammy set-up done so on similar recommendations and packaged deals Yamaha previously offered.

I welcome advice overkill!
1) Given your system & limited budget, buy the cheapest blu ray player which will satisfy your requirements. You won't notice any difference in blu ray picture quality between different players on your 32-inch screen. This will also allow you to free up your budget for a better separates system.

2) Check out Sony STRDH820 + Boston Acoustics Soundware XS SE package:


And add the Sony S480 which is DLNA compliant and is wireless:


3) I cannot comment on your existing system as I haven't heard it.

4) Your other option is one box systems, which may not match the quality of a separates system. Check a few reviews here:


5) The only advantage of sticking to the same brand of products is so you can use a single remote to operate everything. There are no performance enhancements. You can always buy a universal remote like Logitech Harmony for that.


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