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Why is using a headphone output into a hi-fi amp frowned upon?

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Sep 23, 2014
rainsoothe said:
Oldphrt said:
George said:
I've noticed that hi-fi enthusiasts often frown upon the practice of using a headphone socket as an audio input into an amp but I was wondering what the science is behind this? I have often used a headphone socket from various devices into my main amp and the result is usually quite acceptable. I was just wondering how using a headphone socket rather than a proper line out affects the sound quality?
Hifi enthusiasts generally care little and know even less about electronics so one can safely ignore them. For an illustration of this see the display of ignorance from foo cable fanciers on the power cable thread. If it works it's fine.
You can also ignore people who can't tell a ukulele from a trombone (assuming they even heard said instruments). An Aston Martin works. So does a Fiat Multipla.
The differences between those two cars can be factually proven.
The Aston is faster, fact.
The Fiat has more room and is more economical, fact.
Cables are an entirely different matter where differences are nothing more than matters of opinion.



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