Which system is best for iPod use: Denon M38 or Marantz cr502?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I've got a lot of CD's, but because I moved from The Netherlands to South America I stored my CD collection at a friend's place and took only my 160 GB iPod with me... which is full of music. I'm now looking for a micro system which combines good sound quality with iPod friendliness. I got a small budget. Within this budget there are two serious options:

1) Denon D-M38

2) Marantz M-CR502 + Marantz IS201 iPod dock

Does anyone know which of these two systems is best for iPod use?

I mean best in terms of iPod sound quality and iPod friendliness (user-friendly).

PS: of course the CD and tuner function are welcome extra's to me. Which means I prefer an all-in-one system to a plain dock system.


Only have experience of the M38 DAB but can assure you the sound is excellent. The interface is good. My only very minor gripe has been the USB port on the front, but the sound more than makes up for it. I too have many CDs and an iPod Classic 160GB (I used to rip lossless but now 320 kbps is more than sufficient for me). :rockout:


Thanks Graham for your sharing your experience. Good to hear the sound quality is excellent... even from 320 kbps files! What about the user-friendliness?

1) Is it easy to control the iPod with the remote of the M38?

2) Is it also possible to control the iPod manually (without remote) while it's connected to the M38?

Thanks again for responding!


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