Which Headphones???


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi there I'm new to this forum and I thought I'd better join and ask some 'experts' on their opinions.

I've been looking for some nice headphones that I can use with my iPod. I think those days of using cheapo ones has come to an end. Initially I looked at the Bose OE2i but then I saw the AKG K450. So would anyone out there know which would be better or if there is anything better? I need them to be foldable and have some sort of casing if possible. They need to be over ear headphones as my ears are apparently shaped different to the rest of the world and in ear ones NEVER fit.

Thanks to all in advance


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I bought the oe2i t'other day, I love them, but as it was in the US it only worked out as about £110 ish. Great bass I thought, much more punch than the triports. They arnt the best hifi headphones out there, but for everyday usefulness they are hard to beat. The best thing is the very low impedance, which means an iPhone or iPod will be plenty loud enough without a headphone amp.


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