What radio station or broadcast are you currently listening to?

"What vinyl" and "What are you listening to?" but I thought the humble radio deserves its own section, albeit the thin end of the wedge...

Mrs. P is currently listening to Heart FM on the tuner, not freeview.

I usually wind down, just prior to slumber, listening to Radio 4 Extra.


181FM -the eagle. Classic rock via tunein app on Sqeezebox Touch. They just played Neil Young's 'Old Man' which I originally bought on Vinyl in 1971 or 2. Sounds as least as good as my 80's CD version, which highlights poor early CD reproduction. Roll on the HD releases.

Meanwhile, my wife is watching Eastenders misery in HD and surround sound - each to their own!


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Jun 2, 2008
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Me: BBC Radio 4, 4 Extra, BBC Radio Solent, lots of 'speciality' online music channels from radio 101.ru (I use a mixture of FM/BBC iPlayer/Tunein Radio Pro app to AirPlay). Loves big budget radio drama series like The Complete Smiley (of which I have the complete sets of CDs also).

Wife: BBC Radio 4 Extra and Radio 4 and BBC radio Solent (in the car). An Archers 'fiend'. Also listens to the whole of The Archers Omnibus edition ever Sunday morning. Loves corny old dramas like 'Paul Temple' and comedies like 'Clare In the Community'.

Sorry to not have a particular programme that I am 'currently listening to'. (Actually watching "Life On Mars".) But my wife is listening to 'Sherlock Holmes' on 4 Extra in the kitchen if that counts.


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Jun 10, 2011
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Just recorded all 10 episodes of "The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall" onto minidisc from radio 4 on DAB. Yet to be listened too.

Listening to some of "Around the World In A Hundred Objects" from a podcast. Useful to be able to play digital files from a USB stick directly into my Marantz Pearl Lite SACD. Saves burning to disc :)

Juzzie Wuzzie

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Internet radio only in our house - and current favourites are:

- Radio Active = student radio from Wellington, New Zealand (to remind us of home)

- Pig Radio = Italian internet radio (somewhat eclectic, and a recommendation from another forum user)

- BBC World Service = a bit of news / foreign affairs (as the shirt and tie goes on in the morning)


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Nov 30, 2008
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listening to radio caroline on a sqeezebox radio i won in a what hifi competition ( great bit of kit )......station still has the ambience from the 70's....bring on those long sunny days !


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