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Aug 10, 2019
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Oka I'm after a not so loud dock it's only going in a bedroom not being used to have raves lol. Any ideas for example Bose sound dock 2 any good? Maybe even the portable dock from Bose any ideas would b a great help!


hoestly i dont like to put a price on it otherwise i always feel i got second best!so 4 know say anyprice! but 1 thing to put in to consideration, its just 4 my bedroom so im not looking 4 somethimg with the power of the zeppelin air as i dont plan to have party in my room but none the less i am looking 4 something to feel a room that why i fault maybe the soundock 2 by bose its not overly powerful but it has the ability to feel a room. But im open to ideas 4 example maybe having a internet radio then i can always plug that in via a aux out to my airport express im just looking 4 ideas what options i have and what you personaly think is a good option. 4 example i was looking also at the geneva s model looks different and it aint over powerful i b using it 4 its actaul full ability


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Dec 28, 2007
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Well, there's certainly nothing wrong with the Bose SoundDock II according to the WHF review.

Without a budget in mind, it's difficult to advise really. I wouldn't be too worried about the power rating of these various docks - just because something has an ability to go very loud, it doesn't mean you have to! At the end of the day, your best bet will be to go somewhere where you can have a listen to a few at various different prices, then make a decision on what you hear.


Oka Bose just released the new wireless Bluetooth dock has any1 tried it yet? What's yr faults better than the sound dock 2? I'm thinking this will appeal to me more because I had no plans to dock my iPod but rather than stream over AirPlay via airport express know I have best of both worlds good idea?


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