Wharfedale 10.2 for Rotel RA05


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello everyone,

I have a Rotel RA05 and now I need to combine it with a suitable pair of speakers. Distributors advice B&W 685, which would be no doubt great, but I would like to spend less if possible.
I was considering Wharfedale 10.2 (long history, glorious brand). They cost almost half.

My question would be, would this mean to waste the potential of my aplifier?

Please help me!

PS - advices for cables are also welcome

Enrico - Italy


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If you really don't want to stretch to the 685s I would suggest auditioning the Monitor Audio BX2. Great match with Rotel and they offer a huge percentage of the 685's performance. Actually, one dealer I speak to thinks the BX2s are better than the 685s. Personally I think the 685s still edge it, but it is closer than you might expect.


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Sep 8, 2007
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I run B&W 602 S3 speakers to my Rotel gear. At the time I auditioned Monitor Audio Silver series and prefered the B&W's (just). You will probably be able to pick up well looked after second hand speakers for the same price of the 10.2's. Of course not everyone likes second hand stuff.

Cable wise QED or Chord work well I think.


Thanks a lot for your replies.

And what about sources? I listen to LPs and CDs, and I already have a decent LP turntable.

For listening to CDs, I would like to combine my amp with a blue ray player, because I have my hi fi in the living room and I do not want much stuff around.

I need to choose between a universal player worth 400-500 euros (like Marantz UD5005 or Denon DBP1611UD) or a standard Blue Ray for around 200 euros (like Panasonic DMP or Sony BDP).

Again, my question is, does the quality of sound proportionally increase with price? and would a Panasonic DMP or Sony BDP decently play music to my Rotel amp?

I mostly listen to classical and jazz music.

Thanks in advance