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Upgrade KEF Reference 201 to KEF R3 for Side Surrounds


Nov 28, 2020
Hi all, long time KEF owner here. Originally from Europe but am living in the US.

My original (snapshot 1 year ago) setup is a 11.2 all-KEF setup [ ignoring the 6 heights ], I had the 1990s Reference Four Mains, 204/2c Center, 1990s Reference Two Sides. Dual PSW4000 subs with a custom amp. After replacing the ferrofluids in the 1990s speakers, I decided to 'modernize'. I sold my Ref Fours (too big for my room anyway) and got the R11. I got a good deal on a pair of used Reference 201s so I replaced my side Ref Twos with those.

However, I can most likely get a pair of R3s (to match my R11s), and after selling my R 201s I can probably break-even. I'm concerned with the NT19 tweeters in the R 201s (ferrofluid) to be honest.

Would you keep the Ref 201s or get the R3s?