upgrade CD 8se arcam - find cd192 secondhand or other???


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi - My problem - the CD 8se Arcam is a fab player but with evolution over time with hifi I must be able to acheive better, so do I find a newer machine, I cannot afford new - I think - so a used CD192 or an internal upgrade to the 8se - what is better value with best results - anybody done this - considered it - Audiocom do internal clock upgrades to which I hear praise. In the light of any replies if the CD upgrade is favourite and anybody has a CD192 or similar/better for sale can they let me know - to a different tangent if there is a different machine which is recommended then advise is useful there too - the CD player is coupled to Arcam integraded 8 and power 8 combo bi-wired to a pair of CDM7nt B&W speakers - thanks in advance


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Sep 6, 2007
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I dont think you'd go far wrong from looking at either an Arcam Alpha 9 CD player, or the Arcam CD72, 73, 92 or CD192 players.

To be honest, with your current set-up i'd be incline to upgrade the amps too (if possible). The current set-up you have is not too bad and the 8SE cd player is well suited already. I dont think you'll notice much of an improvement going to a more expensive Arcam CD player.

Just my tuppence worth


Hi Thanks for the reply, much appreciated -the amps - an interesting piece of advise, apart from the number ie 8 -9 where does the difference and benefit lie in upgrading this aspect do you think - I was also short term tempted to treat the room I use the kit in - ie the dining room - which a medium large (14ft square) room to which is a laminate floor, high victorian ceiling and mainly wood furniture to some acoustic treatment - my wife works for such an acoustic company and I havent taken advantage of that yet - sometimes the sound is bright at higher volume and I think the very reflective room aggravates this problem - let alone possible down sides in quality of current HIFI kit I use - thanks for your advise -


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