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Uniti Star, or not Uniti Star!

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Apr 2, 2015
Send the damned thing back, it's faulty and is never going to work properly. Keep it too long and it'll be out of guarantee and then you can kiss goodbye to any gentlemen's agreement you may currently have with Audio T and Rega. Send it back and get a replacement now!
Have no fear.
All had previously been agreed with AudioT a few hours before.

I had 2 prices agreed on a Planar 6, depending on whether the Saturn failed on me again or not. It's not a massive difference, as AudioT agreed a good price on the TT anyway. I'm sure they will give Rega the difference to cough up now!!

The replacement is still being delivered from Rega to AudioT as well. A quick word on my part, and we will swap them, no quibbles. Everybody is being very good over it.

What worries me, is a review I read, written 5years ago, where they had 2 Saturn's on the trot fail with the same fault I've had.
So think I may be making recordings on my phone when I get the next one. In case it has similar faults. Best to have evidence.

Fingers crossed that doesn't happen though.
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