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Oct 12, 2021
I find the reviews on What HiFi to be well written, but I do find they miss key information that to me is very important. My old (2012 model) Sony HD LED has a great picture for a home set, which I achieved by turning off every single picture enhancement (dynamic contrast, adjusted colour temp, noise reduction, motion enhancement, etc), bar a little added saturation & contrast. There is often talk about film-maker modes on sets these days, but this really should be the panel displaying the image it is fed with no additional processing done by the set. It is this that I would like to read primarily, what is the capability of the panel itself: nits, bit depth, contrast ratio, back-lighting, etc. By all means write about the additional processing, for instance upscaling is very relevant to the mixed formats that can be watched (especially with something like SD broadcasts on UHD screens), & if some people want dynamic contrast, interpolated frame rates & smeary noise reduction thrown on to everything they watch then of course they should have that option & be able to read about how well or not a TV is handling it. I get that not everyone is going to know what to do with the information I’m looking for, I just don’t think it should be left out. If people care about the W of the speakers in a TV, or the size in mm of the driver in a set of headphones then they can be trusted to be told if a TV sold as having an HDR screen can hit a 1000 nits. With domestic sets it can be very hard (/impossible) to find this info on manufacturer websites, so it would be really useful to have it included in write ups.

This is something missing not just from reviews on What HiFi, but all review websites that I have found & I’d be interested to know if anyone else feels the same, or even if anyone has read reviews that include this sort of info? Perhaps I am missing an obvious source!


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