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Aug 10, 2019
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Ok. I have had a tentative go ahead for a TV upgrade. Our main TV is a SOny KDL 40W2000 LCD.

It's been a good servant for 4 or so years, but a) it's starting to feel too small, b) it doesn't do 24hz

I would probably prefer LCD/LED, but would consider plasma. I am setting a budget of £1200 and I want it to be minimum 46" and preferably 50+

I am not in the slightest bit interested in "smart" tv's, 3D would be a bonus, but unnecessary. I have a Yamaha reciever, so I don't need loads of HDMI inputs either.

All I want is the best picture for the money...

Any advice welcome :)


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Aug 9, 2008
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For the crazy money I have seen them advertised at, I have to recommend the 50PZ950T.

Wonderful, wonderful display. It doesnt get much headlines but for the money there not much to touch it. ISF calibration, THX certified for normal viewing and 3D. Both of these options are available on the Panasonic plasmas, but they cost a lot more or dont come with 3D glasses (GT30)which are quite pricey. You will also find some rather alarming posts about issues with this years Panasonic/Samsung plasmas but there is almost no negative feedback from PZ owners.

LED technology is good but even on the samsung D8000 series I looked at, there is a lot of haloing around the edge of the screen during dark scenes

The choice is yours but I'm happy with my choice


Interesting. Doesn't seem to be available over here in Sweden. They have the 50750W in budget, I wonder what the difference is?

Appears to be the same. ALthough it is brim full of features I will pay for and never use ;(And it aint discounted here ;(


After some investigation, I am looking toward the LG 47LW650W (650T in the UK).

It is under budget. Smart not really necessary, but I like the DVR functionality, which the non-smart version doesn't have.

Want passive 3D if it's 3D, and the kids will love it (and it comes with 7 pairs of glasses).

Will go and look at it today along with others.


And for anyone that is interested I ordered the LG 55LW450N - 55" LED-LCD Full HD 3DCinema.

I had a good look and it seems perfect. Lovely natural picture and no silly Smart-tv stuff which is money burned seeing as I already have a PS3 and 2 digiboxes.

I almost went for the very lovely Samsung 50" Plasma, the 8000 series, but we have a very bright room in summer and I tend to prefer the image on LCD, and I get 7 pairs of glasses thrown in with the one I got :)


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