TV Dilema - Plasma or LCD


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm about to buy my first big TV and I'm having trouble deciding on one of the following: Samsung LE40M87 or Sony KDL40X2000. I can get the Samsung in Costco for £906 inc three year warranty and I look the look of the set.

However, I was in Sevenoaks today and the salesman was very dismissive about the Samsung and was raving about the Panasonic Plasma. The reviews for this do seem good and the smaller version did win the 37" group test a few issues ago.

I did begin to feel that he was pushing the Panasonic a little too much, but it did get me thinking about plasmas.

What do you good folks think - Plasma or LCD with a budget up to £1500 and 42" max. (Please remember I'm a tight Scotsman and don;t want to spend money un-necessarily ;-) )

Thanks... Paul

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Don't get too hung up with plasma vs LCD - there are good and bad of each. Yes, plasmas typically offer better contrast, blacks and motion-handling than LCDs, but the best of the latter will easily best a poor plasma, and the gap between the two technologies is closing all the time.

At this particular time, i'd suggest the Pana - the TH-42LXD70B (list price £1200; should be able to get it for less), BUT we're just starting on a 10-set Supertest of 40-42in sets, which will include that TV vs the brand-new Sony (the W3000), the Samsung and many more. We publish that on 20th September.


Sevenoaks have been around for years and are a great shop, but unfortunately so are their prices...I don't mean Great.........I mean Grrrrreeeeaaat!

Pioneers and Panasonics appear reign supreme in their dipslays so it's hardly surprising they would be positive about Samsung.......after all they want your money!

Samsung's on the other hand tend to reign supreme with ahole host of other manufacturers at the likes of COMET, CURRYS and DIXONS.