Tuner revelation

Since Christmas I unplugged the Denon tuner, as it wasn't being used that much and Mrs. P received a Google Alexa. Freeview radio via the Sky box has been a constant ever since.

Two days ago I was gardening, using the electric hedge cutter I accidentally chomped through the Sky box cable, so no TV or radio. Plugging the Denon back in for the first time since December 2020, wow.... it sounds great! For a budget FM tuner the richness to the voices and instruments is wonderful. The Freeview radio isn't analytical or insubstantial, but overall body to the soundstage isn't as convincing as the Denon. It doesn't quite have the clarity of Freeview or choice of stations but for something that only cost £14.00, including original box and packaging it has to be one of the best VFM components I've ever purchased.

Making me think twice about a higher end tuner.