The influence of WHF on the buying public


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Aug 10, 2019
Just in case anyone doubted the value that people put on a positive review from WHF here is a response received today to an order placed on 27th August. I'm happy to wait for this cable to be delivered to see if I can see/hear any difference when compared to my others (QED, CYK and Humax 'in the box'). I suspect it will perform just as well as the others, in which case WHF will have done a great service to the people who like to buy on professional recommendation but baulk at shelling out bucket loads for interconnects. They won't have done ThatCable's business any harm either. :)


Dear Mr Smith

RE: HDMI Cable

I am terribly sorry but due to
massive demand for the HDMI cable I am afraid we have just gone out of stock of
the 1.5 metre length. We weren't given any notice that What Hi-Fi were going to
be reviewing it in the September issue, or that they had awarded it 5 stars,
consequently we have sold 2 months supply in a week. We do however have the 3
and 5 metre lengths in stock and will be getting more of the 1.5 metre cables
into stock on the 15th September.

Unless we here otherwise from you we
will supply your order when the new stock arrives.

Once again please
accept my apologies.

Kind regards

Sam Ames


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Nov 23, 2007
Andrew Everard:One in the eye for all those saying that we're complicit with manufacturers/distributors, innit though?

Hopefully it will put those ridiculous allegations to bed once and for all.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
matthewpiano:Hopefully it will put those ridiculous allegations to bed once and for all.

Somewhere between 'You'd hope, wouldn't you?' and 'Yeah sure, in y'dreams..."


Massive influence that What Hi Fi has.

I live in Perth, Western Australia, and thanks to What Hi Fi's excellent reviews, I have spent about AUD$30,000.00 (in the vicinity of 15,000.00GBP) in the last 2 years purchasing award-winning products and 4- and 5-star products that What Hi Fi has recommended.

I have been extremely happy with my purchases - except my bank balance is very lean now.



I've been reading what hi-fi since I were but a strip of a lad, now 25 years ago, and it's always influenced my buying decisions. I trust its' honesty, and believe that what it says is to the best of the reviewers ability to express themselves the truth of how a piece of kit comes across.

So as a member of the public I'd say it's got a cherished place, and in that sense a responsible one above and beyond being merely another hi-fi review mag.



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