What's happening to WHF?


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A popular American YouTuber has got his mitts on the new CA CXN100 for a review, and yet WHF is nowhere to be seen.

Sister site TechRadar which abandoned hifi reviews 13 years ago has just reviewed several new turntables.

My gut tells me WHF will have to consider a YouTube channel to get additional revenue from advertising, and exposure. Does anyone really buy the magazine in print? Hopefully the digital edition sales are still healthy, but something's definitely amiss here.


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Feb 9, 2024
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I am sad but must agree with you. I have noticed those tech radar reviews of turntables also today. Those reviews are quite serious. WHF mag has to question themself, if they are not too much "AV magazine". I was reading e-paper WHF for a nice raw of years, but I have stoped in 2022. Bad example for me is coverage of Bristol HiFi Show 2024. On web there is just more detailed "advert article with what to see in whitch room" and missing real report from HiFi Show. That is a real shame. Report on avmagazine.com is quite good - as example. Another example is article from Rega Audio stand in Bristol. There is nothing more in WHF article than what can be seen on Twitter of Rega. For a team of excited journalists around WHF magazine, this is a shame. I like british HiFi since childehood, I had many many components from your island country. Pls. focus more on Hi-Fi topics, HiFi shows, reviews, interviews etc.

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Apr 27, 2011
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1) CA have limited stocks to send out for review
2) WHF haven't requested a unit for review
3) WHF's review may be just around the corner
4) This one particular manufacturers' marketing strategy for this one particular product may place WHF in a different wave of reviews
5) WHF's current news focus is clearly on the Bristol Show

Way too many possibilities to assume that something is amiss.
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Mar 24, 2023
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I think you are saying the sound from the CXN100 with your CXA81 amp is better than the EVO150 streamer-amp produces. If so, that’s a very good buy for under £2,000 as the pair.
I paid a similar amount for them
Richer Sounds discount excellent
I’d not say one is better than the other but there are distinct listening differences
AB versus D is the obvious one as well as the EVO 150W dynamic swing ability

I would say however theybar3 both a hifi bargain
I demoed the NAIM SN3 also and the price difference was massive yr5 the sound difference was negligible in comparison