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Sep 19, 2020
OK I will admit it, I am a skinflint. Where I can get things at a lower price I will.

Recently looked for a device so I can stream FLAC files to my hifi. Searched on marketplace on the dreaded Facebook, came up with the Goodmans Module at £25.

Decided to Google it, found Amazon were knocking them out new at £15!!! With Amazon we don't even have to drive anywhere to get it....

The device was ordered, by hood is it tiny. Smaller than a budgies lunchbox. But it did come with a Toslink cable as well as a rather wimpy looking 3.5mm to phono lead.

Previously I had picked up some pieces of hifi that had such a lead so used that instead. But if you want to plug and go, you can.

First plug in power and hook it up. Then download the app to your phone and connect it to your WiFi. Job done.

Faults : the app is clunky at best, slower than a tortoise on mogadon a freezer at worst. But it does get there, eventually...

The on switch is placed right on top in the middle, which can be a problem if you put it in a stack....

It is also not the most appealing of units visually, audio is fine just looks what it is, cheap.

If you want a cheap streaming device to dip a toe in the water, this is ideal.
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