Technics HiFi amp or Tuner crackling and popping, loudly.


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Oct 2, 2011
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Hey all,

I bought a second hand old Technics HiFi off eBay for a cheap price and all seemed well. But, a couple of times there’s been a crackle and pop noise come through the speakers. It seems to be one short wave of them, around 30 seconds after turning on, and then the sound coming through the speakers is quieter.

I have no doubt that these noises could damage my nice speakers, so I don’t know what to do? Is it the amp? Or the tuner?

When it first happened, I thought the tweeters might have blown and that the amp had somehow messed them up, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The only other thing is that I recently hooked the speakers up with Chord Carnival silver screen cable, which I prepared myself. I used Milty screw down banana’s for the speaker terminals and left the amp ends bare and twisted them to go into the click down type connectors. All the connects seem good and secure.

Should I throw the HiFi away?
I’ll try the CD player and see if that does it. And I’ll hook up some cheaper speakers, just in case they go pop!


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Jun 10, 2011
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Be very very careful as if the amp has a fault that does put DC across the speakers then it will all end in tears.

Unless you have the knowledge to work on something like this then my advice is to dispose of it.

However, that said you could safely connect the speakers using two electroylitic caps wired back to back to form a non-polarised cap if you did want to have a play around with it. It may be something as simple as a dry joint or at the other extreme something like a transistor breaking down intermitently.


Open the top cover, take a look at your capacitors, my bet the top of them will be swollen, popped out a little like popcorn on the stove. Overheat...