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Jun 20, 2023
Hi, I am having a kitchen refurb done in a couple of months and I'm thinking ahead about a sound system as I have the opportunity to add cables behind plaster board. The space is fairly large and open plan. I need some advice please on working out what setup would suit the layout shown below as I am no expert when it comes to this. What I am looking to establish is:-
  1. What type of speakers?
  2. How many?
  3. Where would they be positioned?
  4. What amp would be required?
Some random info:-
  • Stereo or Surround - I'm not into home cinema and so I reckon a stereo system will do unless surround sound will offer some advantages in filling the space? That said, will it be possible to even create a stereo field in a room of this shape? Perhaps surround is the best option?
  • The system will need to be good enough to support a party
  • Having different zones (Kitchen, Dining, snug), where zones can be off/on would be nice to have, but I don't think it is essential and will likely blow the budget
  • I like house, techno, D&B, bass, chillout, ambient. Mainly electronic.
  • Maybe ceiling speakers would help, but I thought (maybe incorrectly) that I'd need 6 of these and got very confused when trying to find an amp that could power these. Maybe I need active ceiling speakers?
  • In-wall speakers are not an option.
  • Budget is about £1500 - £1800.
  • I could maybe add to the initial system later on, maybe with a sub-woofer or something else
  • I am an Apple phone, Spotify and Alexa user
I have come up with two ideas (see pics below), which may be very amateur, but at least communicates my thinking.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Juzzie Wuzzie

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Sep 18, 2007
I (kind of ) have what you're diagram three suggests. Replace the shelf speakers with a Sonos Arc and have ceiling speakers driven by Sonos Amps. My "kitchen" speakers are separate as they are mainly background radio / music for cooking and the speakers you show as (effectively) behind the sofa are surrounds for the Arc (but could be a separate section as well. FWIW I have just received by Sonos Sub which I need to install.

I'd be tempted, although have no real experience with, a Lyngdorf + speakers in the snug. But I expect greater than your budget.
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