Streaming/media storage help please.


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Oct 10, 2011
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Hello all

Im not very confident when it comes to networking, streaming, storage etc so was wondering if you could give some advice please.

At the moment I have all my music, films and photos stored on my laptop and view them on my samsung smart tv but I dont really like this set up as I always need to have the laptop on to access the media so I would like to get up to date with things and get a good media storage/streamer or whatever its called but dont know where to start.I cant wait to get rid of all my dvd cases and cd cases.

My ideal set up would be to have a nice looking sleek box where all my media is and I can easily play it all through my TV seamlessly and have my music play through my surround sound with no loss of video or sound quality but I dont really know what Im looking as theres so many different types out there.

Also I would like to be able to stream my films to the upstairs TV but the wirless signal is rubbish from the router to upstairs, I know this because when I take my laptop upstairs I usually lose the signal but I do have a really fast internet speed of 37mb.

So theres my dilemma people thanks alot for listening and would really appreciate your suggestions. Links to products would be great too.

Thanks alot


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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All you really need is a Network Attached Storage (or NAS) device, connected to your router. Your content – music, films, other files – goes on this, and most NAS devices come preloaded with a UPnP (universal plug'n'play) media server pre-installed, which is the software your playback devices looks for in order to 'see' the content on the device.

As far as the upstairs problem is concerned, the solution is of course to extend the range of your router, either with a wireless repeater, a cabled Ethernet connection or an Ethernet over mains, or PowerLine, adapter set.


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Jun 10, 2011
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I suggest a media streamer, either with builtin storage or with a separate NAS.

For example an ACRyan playon HD2 (with 2TB storage) at around £160, is a nice all in 1 solution that will play virtually any video/audio format including BD/DVD rips.

If you want more storage and maybe automatic backups then a 2or4 bay NAS might be in order. One that supports Samba+NFS as well as UPNP would be the best bet. With a separate NAS you dont need the streamer to have a builtin HD so you could get the cheaper ACRyan playonHD mini2 (£70). Samba+NFS support is needed to play the full range of formats the streamer supports.

Other streamers are devices like Western Digital Live, Popcorn Hour etc...

Personally I use a ACRyan playonHD mini2 and a couple of Netgear Ready NAS RND4000+ to watch BD/DVD rips as well as my music (FLAC).


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