splitting preamp output to power amp input


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Jul 1, 2008
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Dear all,

This may be a silly question, but just wanted to check that it is ok to split the preamp signal outputs for the front left and right to 4 channels on a power amp in order to biamp the front speakers. Does this mean it halves the signal strength? If the integrated amp is 100W per channel and I now feed into a 200W per channel power amp and biamp, am I getting 2x200W or 2x100W fed to each speaker?, thanks.


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Jan 10, 2008
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I'm a bit confused here - are you using two power amps, or one power amp and the power amp stage of the integrated?

If the latter, then you will be getting 100w into whatever you plug into the integrated's output stage, and 200w from the power amp.

However, if the gain on both amps is the same (likely if they are from the same manufacturer), then you will be getting the same power into both - for any given point on the dial - until the integrated reaches it's limits.

A lot of people who do this use the integrated to power the tweeters and the power amp to power the woofers (esp if you listen loud).

With regards to the actual splitting, without going into too much technical twaddle, no. The signal will be as near the same to both power amps as makes no difference.


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