Speaker upgrade for Onkyo CS515DAB


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Aug 10, 2019
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The 2007 Awards isue suggested the Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom speakers as a suitable upgrade, but then went on to describe them as requiring "decent supports and don't like being squashed into corners"; given that many people (like me) will use the Onkyo as a secondary system, isn't it likely that speakers will end up on bookshelves...? With this in mind, can anyone suggest a speaker upgrade that will offer significant sonic improvement without being so fussy about placement? Wharfedale Diamond 9.0? Q Acoustics 1010? Mordaunt-Short Avant 902i...?


Im in the same boat i have been told Q Acoustis 1020 / F1 customs and monitor audio br2 `s . The only thing i do know is the onyko speakers are no good and the 1020`s can be bracket mounted with their own brand mounts which is handy! I will eagerly await some sound advice to you thread! Creative audio and A1 hifi web sites have some good deals if that helps. But it doesnt answer the questions which ones???? sorry and fingers crossed! Chris.


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