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Aug 10, 2019
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Just researching what would be a good speaker choice to go with my cambrige audio 340a, taking into account im looking for more of a bass speaker than top end quality....but not wanting to venture into sub-woofer terirtory.

Ive been finding that the 340a really lacks that bass oomph that the music i listen to is all about. wondering if this amp would more suit people who listen to music based round harmonys etc.

At the moment the amp is rigged up to some old Sony bookshelf speakers that came with a very expensive Sony mini seperates system in 1997, now even though ive had a few systems since 1997 ive still kept hold of these beautys as they are the one of the loudest bookshelf speakers ive ever heard with a lovely bass sound, now when rigged up to the cambridge these speakers just dont seem right, you can turn the volume to full, bass to full and although there is no real distortion which is obviously a good thing, the bass sound and loudness just isnt anything to write home about at all.

Looked at perhaps upgrading to a pioneer A-A6-J Amp on saturday before i took the cambridge back which was giving me shocks , but from the reviews i read it semt that although the pioneer was a fantastic amp i got the feeling that this was more a harmony amp like the cambridge.

Wondering if some quality speakers may sort things out, a strong bass bookshelf speaker would be nice....if such a speaker even exists.

Also, Is there any really rough and raw amps out there like the old pioneer A400 variety, they were really hardcore amps, exspecially for dance music, my mate still has one and it puts my cambridge to shame :(


Well how much are you looking to spend? Also, if you want real punchy bass loaded speakers then you'd want to get floorstanders. I'd definately look at changing the speakers first. I wouldn't be suprised in the least if the sony speakers you have and the sony mini system they came with are colour-matched... as in maybe the speakers lack a little in bass and the amplifier has been deliberately tuned to account for this. Pair them up with an amplifier that tries to be neutral and the sound will be off.

If your budget is small I'd look at the Tannoy F range, I imagine the F4's will make you happy, they're around 250-300 quid I think. I used to run a Cambridge Audio A1 with a pair of Mercury M3's which are several generations down from the F4's but the combo worked well (even though I had to fix the amp after it blew up three times, damn cleaner moved the speakers and shorted the wires THREE TIMES). That was back at uni and yeah it had plenty of slam to it. Obviously I've gone considerably upmarket now but it was still an absolute joy in halls.

If you wanna spend a bit more then I'd look towards monitor audio or maudant short floor standers, plus either a power amp to go with you existing or a beefed up integrated. Have a look at some Arcam and Audiolab kit. Basically, put on your best suit, imitate you most posh voice and stride into a hifi shop like you own the place. Give the guy a clear sense of superiority and ask for a listen to some of their high end kit. I suggest writing 'audiophile' on a piece of paper and getting it out to read because you 'forgot the term' while asking to audition some of their.. wait 1sec.. ahh 'audiophile' gear.

Hang on, I recommend doing that even if you have no money;)


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