Soundbar vs AVR


Jun 25, 2023
i purchase a Denon AVR-4308CI from offer up for $ 60

now here what I was thinking i have an old 32 in LCD TV i was going to hook up my old PS2 but should i just get a couple of speakers and hook it up to unit

I eventually going to turn that into a full 5.1 system

so should i sell the AV unit and get a good sound bar for $ 200 or should i just build on the UNIT instead work

basically is the unit Denon AVR-4308CI worth keeping seem to be in good shape no ding or dent on the system everything seem to be working well

opinion or feedback would be great appreciated


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Jun 26, 2023
If you have the space separate speakers usually sound better than a soundbar.

The only decent soundbar I ever heard was a figure of 8 braced birch plywood DIY box with no parallel surfaces inside that was five foot wide a foot high and 2 foot deep with Volt woofers, Dynaudio midrange and Scanspeak Esotec tweeters in it powered by an outboard class A/B Exposure pre/power.
It made a £4000 big name soundbar sound like a mono AM radio in comparison.
You could also get an old, solid pair of speakers, bung or sell the original drivers and replace them with some modern drivers and matched tunable crossovers.
I imported a 20 cubic foot American Danley DIY horn sub kit and building it wasn`t that hard - took me a weekend.It is hundreds of times louder than a top of the range 5 figure commercial subwoofer - but much clearer.
It`s a bit naughty playing something like the Carpenters - you can hear it 700 foot away outside at over 80 db very clearly.Inside it`s like an alligator in a bathtub.
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