sony gigajuke NAS-E300HD Samsung compatability


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a Sony Gigajuke NAS-E300HD and when I connect my Samsung Galaxy S2 to it via the USB link it says device is not compatible.

Is there a way to connect my Galaxy to the hifi, I begrudge having to buy another MP3 player.

Many thanks



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I used to work in a Sony Centre and remember this model well. The USB port isn't designed to support mobile phones, only USB flash drives and Sony Walkmans. Sony themselves even went so far as to say it only supported their specific 'Microvault' USB flash drives but I didn't have any problems using other brands when customers came in with them.

The only way you can connect your phone to the unit is by using a jack to jack lead to connect the headphone output of the Samsung (does it have a conventional headphone socket?) to the AUDIO IN jack on the front of your GigaJuke. Obviously this won't allow transfer of files between the GigaJuke's hard drive and your phone, but it will allow you to play back any music stored on your phone.

As an aside, I was always rather impressed by this system for the price. Sold lots of them after thorough demonstration.


Many thanks, really like the hifi unit. just a shame that there is no link like there is for the ipod/ iphone and walkmen. they can be worked from the unit remote which I liked.

thanks for the swift response.