Review Wiim Pro: One man's view

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Jul 31, 2008
I have both a Mini and a Pro and my Netgear router hates them (or rather the security software I use on the router hates them).

375 vulnerabilities
  • 70 are potential buffer overflows
  • 164 miscellaneous ones which the software claims to protect me from
  • 1 device settings vulnerability
  • 133 device lockout vulnerabilities
  • 7 device memory corruption vulnerabilities
I have several other connected devices, phones, computers, plugs, lights etc. The Wiims are the only ones it picks on. They are both patched with the latest firmware.

What software?


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Have you considered putting together a Raspberry Pi based streamer?

You can just add "HAT" boards with the H/W and I/O you require, or just use its USB if you have a DAC that supports it
Yes I have, and it would end up costing more than the WiiM, and any app would not be better than the WiiM one which gives you Spotify and Tidal Connect out of the box, and support for most other music services too.


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Nov 15, 2019
You mention you have several other devices connected to your router, well have you tried connecting another established brand streamer? Maybe it's not the WiiM specifically, just the nature of being a streamer.
Yes. I have Chromecast Audio. I also have Chromecast and FireTV devices.

The software is Netgear Armor which is basically Bitdefender rebadged. The software sits at the network perimeter rather than on individual devices, though it can be installed on PCs, phones etc as well.


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