Sonos Beam


Jun 22, 2020
This compact Sonos soundbar could transform your listening experience.

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Usually, I do lots of research before buying a tech product and I always select the one for its quality rather than the cost. So, I bought my first Sonos products "Beam" and "Sub" in November of 2018 thinking that it is one of the quality products in the market.

Fast-forwarding to 19th June 2020 we were watching a movie using the Sonos setup. The mobile app on my iPhone prompted me that there is an update available for its product. Like, everyone, I started the software upgrade process using the app, and after that my "Beam" stopped working. So I contacted there Twitter support to understand what's going on. After some troubleshooting, they said that my "Beam" suffered a "Boot Failure" and they will provide a replacement.

I was relieved after they said replacement because the product was just 1.5 years old(Sonos provides only 1-year warranty) and only after that software update my "Beam" stopped working which was no fault of mine. But here is a twist in the story the replacement that they are offering is NOT FREE I have to pay $236.45 and also I have to send back my old "Beam" so that Sonos can send me a refurbished unit. This is what you call TRADE-IN and NOT REPLACEMENT.

This is a pure SCAM, with one software update, you Sonos turned my "Beam" into an expensive paperweight and forcing me to buy a product. What is the guaranty that the same will not happen again?

In this time of age brand loyalty and word of mouth are very important to any company. I will never ever in my life buy another Sonos product or recommend it to anyone. All the trust I had on Sonos is now destroyed.