Question Small specification change, big difference?


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Sep 28, 2013
I recently bought, from Currys PC World a new TV for my bedroom.

The Panasonic TX-40GX820B.

I cannot really afford good high-end audio visual equipment. However this TV was very reasonably priced and is a little gem (if LED HDR can be this good, I can only wonder at how good £2000 OLED are).

It immediately created a problem though. It made my Living Room TV look very jaded (Panasonic TX-50DX700B) to the point where if I was watching something I would constantly be noticing how dull the older, bigger set was and then I would go to the bedroom to watch.

After the firefly episode of Seven Worlds, One Planet I bowed to the inevitable and went on Ebay and found a refurbed TX-50GX800B for £420 delivered and decided to replace the bedroom TV.

In their review of the TX-50GX800B What Hi Fi do address the difference between the 800B and the 820B and say that they are functionally the same.

When I compare the tech specs the only difference that I can see is the "Panel Drive" section....

1) The 800B says it is "4K 1300 Hz BMR IFC "

2) The 820B says it is "1800 Hz BMR IFC"

Well.... to me, that sounds like quite the difference.

Here are my questions:

Is it quite a difference? Or is the end result going to be negligable?

My new 50" TV will be delivered Monday and so I suppose I will find out then.... But I would be interested to hear what forum members think and if they think I have made the correct decision or if I am worrying over nothing.


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